A Little Story about Big Shoes

I walked into my son’s room a couple of weeks before he was due home for the winter holiday break. I had no particular reason; I was simply checking to see if his room was ready for him. As I walked by his closet, I saw a pair of golf shoes, a gently worn pair of golf shoes. I took a deep breath and thought about the story behind them. When… Read Article →

A Story of Service

We met her on a beautiful Sunday in May. I remember, because she was May, dressed in warm and colorful spring colors, a shining smile, and young and full of promise, like the spring. She came to help us with our smallest and youngest of church school students who were beginning to paint our annual poster, “Kids as Peacemakers.” This large endeavor was a challenge, as all ages of church school… Read Article →

Filling the Empty Nest

I awake to silence, not the sound of an alarm, an opening door, water running or birds chirping. I just awake, suddenly. When I look at the clock I see that it is much earlier than when I typically awaken. What day is it? What do I have planned for this beautiful early September day? Is my son working? Is my daughter? Should I let him use my car, if I’m… Read Article →